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Donna Callaway- actor host veteran

Actor. Host. Events. Production. Casting. Marine Corps Veteran.






Donna Callaway- actor host veteran

I am an experienced entertainment and events professional who enjoys leading projects and teams to success, both internally and externally. I work as talent, as well as behind the scenes. Some of my experience includes work as an actor, host, in production and casting, as well as presenting and managing live events and trade shows.


I have worked as an on camera host for several years, with teleprompter, memorized scripts, improvised, or a mix of these things. Some of my work includes being a regular host for military entertainment company We Are The Mighty's content, the host for an e-learning platform for NCAA athletes that is coming soon, as well as various other projects. I have also done live event hosting, presenting, and product specialist work at auto shows, trade shows, and other events for many years, introducing new vehicles and products to guests and audiences. I have worked with many global brands, including Subaru, all of the General Motors brands, and many other well known companies. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I was a live host via a green screen home studio for the US Army to audiences watching through a link they were provided.


I am a trained SAG-AFTRA actor and voiceover artist, who has trained at some of the top schools in Los Angeles and worked on commercial and theatrical projects. Several of the projects I have worked on had a purpose of bringing awareness and hope. Two films I worked on, ”The Ultimate Sacrifice" and "All Wars End", were both created to bring awareness to military PTSD and help the audience find hope through the story. Some of the commercials I have worked on were focused on helping veterans as well.


Often hand in hand with my work as talent, I have been a project manager, production coordinator, producer, and casting director for film and tv projects, experiential marketing activations, and digital media campaigns.


I am a Marine Corps veteran, and I am still very active in the veteran community. Currently, I am serving in a leadership role as the chaplain for a part of a national veteran organization in the LA area.

Additionally, I have a bachelor of science in psychology from the University of Florida that I have found to be extremely helpful in all aspects of my career. 


I enjoy bringing great projects to life and bringing teams together, while truly seeing and understanding each member of the team. I aim to bring positive work environments and team dynamics to whatever situation I am in, while also getting the job done efficiently and well. I am especially drawn to projects that are giving back or making an impact in the world.


In addition to my work, I grew up dancing competitively. I started dancing at the age of 2 and was the youngest person in my dance company at the age of 9. Dancing even led me to briefly be a part of the Inland Empire 66ers Dance Team, as well as performing at an event in Central America. I also played lacrosse in high school and college. I am a mother, an adventurer who has traveled all around the US and to several countries, and love to volunteer and help others. In all parts of life, I strive to make a positive impact and shine the light of Jesus Christ.


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